Once there was a space colony named Eden. Eden was the central point between three worlds: Earth, Kharix and Alovian. Eden was created for the soul purpose to let spaceships fly in a safe route from one planet to the other. Spaceships would fly in a straight line to Eden and from Eden in a straight line to it’s destination. But after a couple of years something bad happened. The inhabitants of Eden, which were onehundredandfifty people, disappeared without a trace. None of the spaceships that were docked were used. No escape shuttles were missing. The inhabitants of Eden just vanished.

Because of this the people of the three worlds, well people, the Earthlings are human, but on Kharix they are more like huge, overgrown cats that can stand on two legs and has full usage of two thumbs, they call themselves “Khaziet”. The people on Alovian are more, like we’d call it in human terms, elvish, they call themselves Alovish. Often there is a misconception about what to call the each other. Humans are called Tassaki by the Alovish, they named them after a species that look like monkeys on their planet, while the Khaziet call humans Meow. It’s a rather interesting story why Khaziet call the humans Meow,

On the first encounter between humans and the Khaziet on the planet Kharix, the search party stumbled across a lost Khaziet. This lost little Khaziet was a mere 1 meter 12 and had multiple colors on it’s fur. So the leader of the search party made a joke “Look, we found Nyancat!”. On saying that the Khaziet looked up to him and said something weird, not catlike at all. So the leader replied “Meow, meow meow” and the entire party was laughing out loud. Apparently the Khaziet asked “Who the fuck are you”, ah well. So the search party took the Khaziet with them to their ship. In the ship the Khaziet was brought to a professor who will be remembered as “the professor who made the communication devices”, no one really remembered his name, except for some scholars and his family I think. The personel gave the Khaziet some food. After his meal the professor tried to communicate with the Khaziet. But that wasn’t a huge succes, so the professor thought of a plan. Let’s use images and see what he says and thus deciphering the alphabet. After several days the professor deciphered the alphabet and was able to talk to The Khaziet, who was given the name Nyancat. So after chit chatting for a while the professor learned that Nyancat was lost and that Nyancat was looking for his tribe. So after reporting this to the captain, the captain decided to make a plan for first contact, and ofcourse, make a picture of himself  with Nyancat and post it on all the social media for when he gets home.

After three days of planning and making a lot of pictures, a group was assembled to escort Nyancat home. The professor made a device that could translate everything Nyancat said and made a device for Nyancat so he could understand the party. But what the doctor forgot to mention was the life durability of the devices. These could last a maximum of seventeen hours. So the party went north, in the three days of planning they scouted the entire area for civilization and they had seen a huge city north of the ship. And guess what, it is a fifteen hour walk to the city. Isn’t that convienent. So they went on their quest to bring the Khaziet back home. After a fourteen hour walk they encountered a cute little bunny like creature. Nyancat screamed “Run”. The party started to laugh and looked at Nyancat, “Why should we be afraid of that little creature?” the partyleader asked while pointing at the bunny. Nyancat looked him in the eyes and pointed behind the bunny and said “The bunny is a distraction, now please follow me and run, if we run now we will make it in time before we will be eaten!”. The entire party looked at where Nyancat was pointing and they didn’t see anything except for a couple of rocks and cacti… “OH HOLY CRAP, RUN GUYS!” the partyleader shouts and so they ran as fast as they could. But it was to late for the partyleader. He was the slowest and hadn’t done his exercises in two weeks, the lazy bastard. He was grabbed from behind and was taken by something warm. After two seconds he was lying on the ground and the last thing he had seen is a bunny with a huge grin on it’s face.

After running for forty minutes the party decides to look behind them to see if they were still being chased. Nyancat was the first to say something “I think we lost them, that was a close one. I’m sorry about your friend”. The party looked astonished about what just happened.
“Did the bunny just killed our leader?” asked one of the partymembers, his nams is Leon.
“I-i-i-i…d-d-don’t….k-know…” replied the other, his name is Gray.
“The bunny didn’t kill your friend, it was that Ticky that killed him” said Nyancat.
“What is a Ticky” asked Leon.
“If we stay here to chat, you will find out!” shouts Nyancat and points to the bunny which is hopping towards them.
Leon looks at the bunny and sees it’s soaked with blood, he signals to Gray to run and they start running towards the city. After thirty minutes they see a wall made from bronze and a gate. Nyancat hails the gaurd standing on the wall “Hey let us in, the Ticky is chasing us”. The gaurd looks at Nyancat and then at Leon and Gray. “Who the fuck are they?” the gaurd asks.
“They call themselves Meow, now let us in!”. The gates opened and the three entered the city. The gaurd shouts at Nyancat “Bring them to Ri’Darsha!”. Nyancat nods and they walk towards an huge building in the center of the city. Leon looks at Gray and whispers to him “These things have names?”.
“Ofcourse we have names” Nyancat replies “it would be damn inconvenient if we wouldn’t have names”
“What is your name?” Gray asks and “How the hell did you hear me?” Leon asks.
“These aren’t for show” Nyancat wiggles his ears “and my name is Ma’dran, your name is Gray and yours is Leon”
“Pleased to meet you Ma’Dran” says Gray “Sorry for calling you Nyancat the entire time”
“I fact, I find that name quite beautiful.” says Ma’Dran “Your names are weird though, don’t you have a title in your name?”
“What do you mean, a title in our name?” Gray asks.
“Well we Khaziet, or Nyancats as you call us, have titles before your names” Ma’Dran explains “Ri’Darsha is the leader of our tribe and this city. Thus the name Ri, it means leader of the tribe.”
“We have a similiar system back on our planet, Earth.” Leon explains “On our planet it has a way of describing ranks in the military and describing nobles.”
“What is your title Ma’Dran?” Gray asks
“Uhmmm it’s not important what my title is, it is no value to me” Ma’Dran quickly replies.
“Come on, you can tell me, we are pals right?” Gray insists.
“No, really no, I won’t tell you!” Ma’Dran replies.
“Okey no problem, my friend” Gray said.

As they get closer to Ri’Darsha’s house they see a small crowd in front of Ri’Darsha’s house. In the middle of the crowd there are two Khaziets fighting. See the picture below for the example:

Ma’Dran recognises Ri’Darsha’s as the winning Khaziet and cheers “Ri’Darsha, Ri’Darsha, Ri’Darsha.” After two minutes the fights was over and the Khaziet, which Ma’Dran recognised, runs towards them. “Oh shit, we are next!” Leon takes his handgun and aims at Ri’Darsha. Ri’Darsha dashes towards them and jumps towards Ma’Dran. Ma’Dran opens his arms and Ri’Darsha hugs him. “Welcome back my son, where did you run of to this time?” Ri’Darsha asks.
“Well dad, I got lost when the Ticky chased me, but then these guys found me, they call themselves the Meow I guess. And then they brought me back here.” Ma’Dran explains
“Thank you for saving my son, it means a lot to me” Ri’Darsha said.
“No problem, it was our pleasure” Gray said at which Ri’Darsha looks at him with a strange look.
“He can’t hear you moron” Leon said and he hits Gray at the back of his head.
“Oh I forgot” Gray smiles.
“So son, who are these people, what are they really called?” Ri’Darsha said “Because the Alovish are still pissed at us that we call them Qa’Dar”
“I don’t know dad, I haven’t asked them yet” Ma’Dran explains “So what are you really c….”
Leon and Gray didn’t understand the last word but say in perfect harmony “We are called humans”
Ri’Darsha begins to speak and both Leon and Gray can’t understand a word, they sigh and shout “Meow!”

Thus the Khaziet called the humans Meow for the first few days until they came back with new eardevices. They explained they were called human but the news was already out there at the other tribes that they were called Meow. The humans accepted it and started to make pacts and all that kind of nonsense.


After the discovery of life on the planet Kharix the humans decided to live there aswell. The humans made a embassy next to the city and started to build a village around it. It took the humans and Khaziet fifty days to make the entire village. It is true that some lifes were lost because of the Ticky, but hey, bad things happen. Humans and Khaziet were becoming friends and… We’ll this isn’t a fairy tale. After the humans started to live in the village (that was called Nyanvillage, named by Ri’Darsha) some Khaziet started to rebel against the fact that they were living on ‘their’ planet. So one day a Khaziet named J’zidzo murdered one family in the depth of the night. The murder was found the next day with J’zidzo lying on the floor, dead. So an expert from both sides came to analyse the crime scene.
The human analyst wrote: “Looking at the scene and the trail of blood the Khaziet, named J’zidzo, started to kill the infants. First to die was the youngest child, Jennifer. Her head was clawed open and after her heart was pulled out, she died instantly. The second to die was the older brother, Mitchel. He tried to defend himself and probably hit J’zidzo with his baseballbat. After he hit J’zidzo, J’zidzo leaped at him and Mitchel fell on his back. J’zidzo tried to pull out is heart but Mitchel defended himself with his hands, blocking the attack. J’zidzo ripped Mitchel his hands to pieces and then stabbed at his heart, thus pullen the heart out of Mitchel his body. The parents slept through this entire incident and J’zidzo cut both of their necks.

After examining the body of J’zidzo and examining his wounds, I must conclude that the family dog has killed the Khaziet, looking at the footprints the dog came rushing inside after bravely opening the dog chamber. J’zidzo tumbled and fell on the floor while the dog kept biting him until he wasn’t moving anymore. The dog then lay next to Mitchel and fell asleep there and how we found him this morning.”

The Khaziet analyst wrote, after translation: “J’zidzo clawed child, child called Jennifer. Then J’zidzo attacked other child, Mitchel, but Mitchel bravely fought J’zidzo! Then J’zidzo goes to parent and slice them. When J’zidzo tried to flee, giant monster attacks him and bites J’zidzo to death, monster is suspected for murder on J’zidzo and J’zidzo is suspected for murder on family.”

So there came a trial and the jury, a mix of humans and Khaziet, declared the dog guilty. After the dog was put to rest, the inhabitants from Nyanvillage decided to honor the dog by putting a giant statue of it in the middle of the village. This made the situation only worse between the Khaziet and the humans. They started to fight and the Khaziet started to rebel against the human presence. But Ri’Darsha stopped the fights altogether one day. Ri’Darsha announced that he would side with the humans if a war broke out, Ri’Darsha told the Khaziet the tale about his son Ma’Dran and how he was saved by the humans. Therefor the humans can be trusted and should not be a threat to the Khaziet, so if the Khaziet should be a threat to the humans, Ri’Darsha and its followers will side with the humans.

After the announcement peace returned, there were still a couple of incidents, but none of them so great that it would lead to war. But one day, the humans brought something unknown to the Khaziet, they brought robots. Self-thinking robots who can learn just like humans can, but with a lesser capacity in memory then humans. Also all humans carry a device that can destroy or render a robot useless by a push of a button.


The creator of the these self-thinking robots was a Dutch girl who one day was bored because her boyfriend was playing some stupid videogame and thus made the start of the program in that boredom. Whenever her boyfriend was gaming, she developed the greatest asset in the development of the human race. Although she was not aware of the risks at that time, cause she was blinded by her project that she forgot to write a risk-log. When she first tested the program on a robot called a NAO, it hardware fried immediately, at which her boyfriend laughed at the thought of seeing a NAO die, he didn’t get any that next four weeks, poor guy. The Dutch girl wasn’t aware of the fact that the program was to heavy and that the current capacity of the robots available in the world was not enough yet, it took ten years before the program finally worked and the first robot that could learn and speak on his own was created. Her boyfriend then asked “Now you gave that robot a conscious, what would happen if he learned what war is and be corrupted by that thought? You have made a failsafe haven’t you?”
She replied something like this “uhmm oh oh?”
He kissed her and said “You silly, now quickly turn off the robot and make a failsafe device”
And thus the world was not destroyed by robots, because one man who watched to many movies and tv-series. Although the man had a bigger part yet to play, while his girlfriend was out doing robotics stuff, he made something equally advanced and yet he never cared to show it and he never shared it with anyone. Though at one point he used it as a last resort to save him and his girlfriend from destruction, that was five years after his girlfriend Anna, succeeded in building the ultimate robot, Jeeves, that turned on its master because she forgot the failsafe. Anna and her boyfriend disappeared and their bodies have never been found. The last image visible on the camera is that they were standing there, her boyfriend grapping her hand , pushing a button on his watch with his other hand and *poof*  they disappeared into thin air. The robot Jeeves then rampaged for a while, but was destroyed by the other robots.

So the humans brought three robots to Kharix, to hunt the Ticky. The Khaziet said it was not possible to kill the Ticky but the humans disagreed. They send out the three robots to the location where the bunny was seen last. The humans and Khaziet were monitoring the actions of the robots the entire time (well the first ten minutes the Khaziet were kind of confused by the big screen in the middle of the street with all those moving images, but after explaining to them how it worked they quickly adapted to it). So the robots encountered the bunny and the Ticky, though on screen the only visible creature is the bunny, the robots shot it and thus killing the bunny. Then the screen went to black, the humans lost all contact with the robots. The Khaziet that were watching ran to their homes and within five minutes, there wasn’t a single Khaziet in the streets. All the humans who were watching the screen didn’t have a clue what was going on, some followed the example of the Khaziet and went home. Others were just standing there talking as if it was just an glitch that the screen went to black. One guy and his kid, who were just sightseeing on Kharix and would go back to earth the next day, went to the tent where the human scientists and officers were located and asked them what happened. One of the officers came to him and explained what happened, “The robots are destroyed, their core was pulled out instantly. We have no idea what or whom did this. Nothing is as strong enough to do this with just their bare hands.”
“I’ll set up a team to see what has happened” the guy replied.
“I will see what I can do, I ask on of the scientists to accompany you and I will go with you as well. Make sure you are prepared Robert, we will leave in half an hour.” The officer said.
“I will be back soon, we rendezvous at the main gate on the human side. Can you find someone to take of my kid until we get back?” Robert said.
“No problem, my friend. I will take care of it, see you soon.” The officer said.
Robert looked at his son and smiled “Go with the officer, I’ll be back in two hours”. His son obeyed and Robert pet him on his head, for the last time.

A few days later a report came out about what happened. The Ticky destroyed the robots in an instant, probably it was blinded by rage because his friend the bunny died. At the site a human team consisting of six, with Robert as their leader, found the robots and examined them. After they found enough evidence of what happened they started to head back, but when Robert did a headcount, one of the team was missing. They searched for a while and after two hours they gave up and decided to go home before the Ticky would come. As everyone gathered one more was missing, Two of the team started to panic and rushed towards the village. Robert and the officer shouted at them to stay together, but they wouldn’t listen. Robert and the officer looked at each other, sighed, and headed back to the village, with weapons drawn. They could see the two cowards walking a couple of meter in front of them and they decided to gain up with them. But then they heard a loud roar, the officer and Robert looked in the direction of the roar but didn’t see anything. They looked towards the two cowards but they were gone. Robert and the officer made radio contact with the village and told them what happened, they wouldn’t leave each other out of side while moving towards the village, and they kept talking to the man on the other side of the radio. Suddenly the man’s voice on the radio became a child’s voice, it was the son of Robert who was there. “Hi dad, is everything okay? I just finished my ice cream in 87 seconds, that’s a new record”
“Hi son, I’ll be back soon, just go eat another one, but this time faster okay? Daddy and the radioman need to talk in private” Robert replied.
“Ok dad, I’ll be waiting at the gate” his son said. The radioman now took over the microphone and asked “You guys aren’t coming back, are you?”
“I guess not, we try but we have no idea what is happening, people disappearing the moment we lost sight of them” The officer replied.
“God speed, Robert and David. I’ll send a squad to meet you halfway” the radioman said.
“Thanks, but I don’t want to risk any more lives today, we will try to make it on our own” David replied and turned off the radio.
David and Robert looked at each other and they nodded in agreement, they must make it, not for themselves, but for the people who care about them. Then Robert blinked and David was gone, just vanished, he was standing there less than a second ago and now not a trace of him. Robert looked around to see if there was anything at all, just sand. Now Robert grabbed his gun and shot in random directions. He counted his shots and the impacts, first bullet hit the sand, second, third and fourth as well. But the fifth bullet never reached its goal, something intercepted the bullet. Robert looked at the direction he shot and shot thrice more. All bullets disappeared in midair. Now Robert could see something liquid in the distance, it was small and green. Then it started moving, it was really quick, in a blink of an eye the green liquid was from approximately 70 meters to 1 step away, Robert felt a heavy and warm air engulfing him and then his vision went black. He felt himself falling in something warm and sticky, he grabbed his flashlight and turned it on. He could see the desert and he could see some skeletons float next to him, this scared the crap out of him and he moved back until he hit something slimy yet incredible hard. He looked at his left and seen David standing there, just five meters away. He yelled to him “David the fuck is happening!?”. Then he saw David turn his head toward Robert, saluted him and David his skin became liquid, dripping inside the nothingness beneath him, then suddenly, the desert was fading and now there were greenish walls around him, he could now see what he was standing in, a mix between blood and liquid skin. This sight made him sick and he be vomited. In front of him he could now see a creature, he looked at it and he sees the creature smiling holding it’s hand towards Robert, he could count seven fingers on the hand. Slowly, one by one the creature counted down with his hand, now laughing, Robert looked the creature in the eyes and shed a tear. The creature reached zero and Robert felt his entire body melting and he died.

At the gate there was a young boy, waiting for his father to return. The officers weren’t sure how to tell the kid his father had died and they waited seven days before they told him. The boy waited seven days at the gate, the locals gave him food and drinks regularly and the boy just waited for his father who would never come through that gate. Thus after seven days the officers told the news, the boy wouldn’t believe them and sat, crying, near the gate. He wouldn’t, or rather couldn’t believe his father died. After two days sitting there without sleeping, he doze off. The officers carried him to his father’s ship that would bring him back home. The boy dreamt that he followed his father and destroyed the Ticky together, in his dream the Ticky was a giant purple dinosaur. When the boy woke up, he realized he was no longer on Kharix and he looked out of the window to look at the starts. He got out of bed and looked at the posters that hang in the room. He looked at the funny ones where the Khaziet were drawn like rainbow colored cats. He then walked to the deck, there were three people sitting there, one controlling the ship, one checking the ships engines and the third was writing a report about what happened at Kharix. The boy looked at the empty captain’s chair and shed a tear. He then walked towards the woman who was controlling the ship.
“Lisette, when are we going to arrive at Earth?” the boy asked, Lisette slowly turned around and faked a smile.
“Hi there young captain, we will be arriving in 48 hours, so go eat and play some in the arcade room” Lisette replied, she looked him in the eyes as if to comfort the young boy.
“Thank you Lisette” and the boy went directly to the arcade room, there he looked at the pinball table where his father and him were always competing for the high score, at the moment his father was at first place. He looked at the score and started crying, he didn’t make any contact with the crew until he’d arrived at Earth. The boy swore to avenge his dad.