News of Eden reached the planets, there were two search teams sent out to find the cause of the disappearance of the one hundred and fifty people that were present on the space colony. The two search teams reached Eden and made a report “No escape shuttles were used and no spaceships were docked”. They transmitted this report to the nearest satellite and they docked their ship. The first search team went on board and started to search for survivors, the second team made their way to the deck and started looking for evidence of the disappearance of the inhabitants in the main computer.
“Keep me posted teams” said the captain, he was the only one who stayed on the ship.
“Roger that, team Alpha has reached the living quarters, we’ll start a scan for life signs now” said Alpha leader.
“Tell me as soon as you get a reading, team Bravo have you reached the main deck?”
“Not yet captain, we are having some problems with the door, it has been sealed from the inside, we are cutting through it right now” said Bravo leader.
“Keep up the work teams, I want to get out of this rat hole as soon as possible.”
Team Alpha started their scans and found a life sign, it came from one of the cabins.
“Captain we found a life sign, permission to investigate”
“Permission granted, weapons ready”

One of the soldiers of team Alpha opened the door en they did another scan. The life sign came from the far end of the room. Two soldiers went inside and tried to get a visual on the life sign. On the floor lay an human, heavily damaged. The two soldiers rushed towards him and flipped the body. He had his eyes closed but was still breathing.
“Leader we found a life one”
The moment he shouted that the human opened its eyes and looked right in the eyes of the soldier.
“Are you okay sir? Can you talk?”
No reply came from the human.
“Sir blink twice for yes and once for no, do you know what happened here?”
The human grabbed the soldier by its neck and whispered in his ear “Close the door, there is still time to make it out of here alive. I’m just bait, run”
The soldier looked up to his pal, but he was gone, he ran out of the cabin to find his Leader and other squad member but they were gone as well. The soldier turned to look at the human, who was now standing in the middle of the room, with a huge grin on his face.

“Are you looking for these three boy?” The human pointed to a spot in the cabin, the soldier grabbed his gun and pointed it at the human. “That’s not wise boy, you don’t want to hurt me”. The soldier was inside the room and against the wall, with their spines torn out, there were laying the rest of his squad. “I told you to run boy, I told you to run” the voice of the human changed and was now slowly moving towards the soldier. “RUN BOY, RUN, I WILL KILL YOU”. The soldier ran out of the cabin and straight back to the ship. While running he tried to make radio contact with the captain.
“Captain, captain, my entire squad is dead. We have to get out of here”
“No worries boy, soon you’ll be safe, team Bravo report in, we are canceling this mission”
“Captain we had no luck opening the door to the main deck, we are coming back now”
“Good, wait for the boy in the lobby”
“Roger that, captain”

The soldier from team Alpha reached the ship and was standing in the lobby. I was faster than the other squad, he thought. He opened the door to the main deck where the captain was sitting. “You should have waited in the lobby boy” the seat turned and the soldier was now facing the same human he seen in the cabin. “I told you to run, but you didn’t listen, now it’s time to face your death”. The soldier screamed at it “Who.. NO WHAT are you?”. “I’m something greater, I’ve ascended to a higher being, but I need flesh and brains. Don’t you see boy, I know everything, I can become everything.” The human changed his voice in the captains “I know your past boy” the human changed his voice in the Alpha leader “I know your weakness” the human changed his voice in Bravo leader “I know your strategies” the human changed his voice back to its own “I know how you will DIE”. The soldier shaking all over his body grabbed his gun and pointed it at the human, his hands were shaking.

“I told you boy, don’t hurt me or else you will have a problem”.
“You will kill me anyway, if I shoot you or not.”
“Boy, you don’t understand, I have to kill you to make you ascend, you are a perfect fit, we can go to Earth together and eat every single human, we could be gods!”
“No I won’t allow it” the soldier closed the door and ran to the engine room but the human was already standing in the room.
“You are not fast enough boy, I know what you want to do and it’s not going to work, ascend with me and live as gods”
The soldier hesitated no moment and grabbed two grenades, threw them in the engine room and ran back to the colony. The ship partially exploded and the soldier knew that the engine room was destroyed. The soldier looked around and didn’t see the human anywhere. He walked towards the main deck, the doors were open and he peeked inside. He could see three humans sitting in the chairs at the main computer they were all typing. He sneaked in and pointed his gun at one of the them. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder and he looked around to see the grin on the ascended humans face. “I told you to run…”

The conversations on the radiocast of the Alpha and Bravo teams were recorded and send to one of the nearby satellites. On Earth some generals were listening to the broadcast and after the destruction of the search team’s ship, the broadcast stopped.
“We have to destroy it, the entire colony” one general says.
“No, we just have to send our best men and kill that so called ‘ascended being’” The generals of the spacemarines said.
“And sacrifice more of our good men? No! We should just blow it up while we can. Worst case scenario is that there were still a few people alive. Best case scenario is that everyone is dead. So let’s just blow up the space colony while we can!”
“You want to kill our own people? If there is just a slight chance that one of my good men are alive and well, I’ll do everything to save him!”
“And what if he has become Trojan, you want to endanger all of us?”
“Sirs, sit down. Let’s evaluate the situation. We want to blow up our priceless space colony, plus there are still people alive on the colony?! I think we should send a recon team again. But this time we will send some robots with them, the Armored ones. We will let them record everything and autopilot the smaller ship within the recon ship back home so the “ascended” one will not survive if he tries to come back with them.” Says the general Leroy. Leroy is in charge of all hostile activities that happen in space. He was in charge when the humans send robots to Kharix and he was in charge of the search teams that went to Eden. “And if we hire some travelers, we just let the robots open the airlock when the “ascended” tries to escape with them. The solution is easy gentlemen. Now back to more important matters, the Ticky. What do we do about it? We lost 126 civilians, 90 marines and 387 robots to it already. We have to kill it somehow.”
“But how? Only the Khaziet can see it and they flee at first sight.”
“It has to have a weakness. We just have to send more robots”
This continued for many hours. They concluded that they would send five new robots with weapons to Khazix and to search for a group willing to go to Eden for a good price, just to investigate the disappeared inhabitants.

After five days a young man named Eric accepted the quest. “We found ourselves a sacrifice for the noble good of humankind, gentlemen.” Leroy says “We will have a briefing at 20:00 with Eric and his crew. I will come up with a nice and hones lie so that he will bring the robots along the trip.”
“Good job Leroy! That will be one less problem in the universe” says the general of spacemarines. The other generals clapped for Leroy and his genius plan.

At eight Eric and his crew were sitting at a large table. On one side were Eric and his crew, on the other side were standing three generals, preparing the briefing and handing over some papers with information about Eden to Eric and his crew. “Read the information on the papers. After everyone has read them, we will start a presentation and tell you more about you mission” Leroy says “And this information shall not leave this room, it’s highly classified.” Eric and his team nodded and started to read the papers. After a couple of minutes the entire team put the papers on a pile and Leroy started the presentation

“Thank you for coming here today. Let me start by saying thank you for your bravery and courage to venture to Eden. You do us and the entire world a huge favor. While we are still trying to hunt the Ticky and are negotiating with the Alovish to trade technology and wisdom, that you six brave men can investigate the disappearing of all inhabitants on Eden. Of course you are as  anxious as we are to know what happened at Eden. But please keep it low profile when you find something. I don’t know how the people were to react if there is, for example, a creature like the Ticky on board of Eden. Now to start the presentation”

The presentation was nothing special. Half an hour talk about what Eden was and why it was created. The “last” records of Eden and it’s coordinates. After the presentation they were allowed to ask questions. One of the crewmembers raised her hand. “How come no one ever went to Eden? I can understand that you won’t but why don’t traders or pirated go there?”
“The reason is that we still have four armed satellites floating near Eden. Every unauthorized ship will be destroyed immediately.”
“And you can program them from here” Another crewmembers asked.
“Yes, we operate them from here. Any further question?”
The crewmembers looked at each other and then all looked at Eric. Then Eric asked “Do we get weapons, rations and fuel for this dangerous mission. Plus can we get a fourth of the reward paid up front so we can make adjustments to our ship?”
Leroy looks Eric in the eyes and sees that he is without a doubt.
“Of course, come by tomorrow at the armory for weapons, you can port here for fuel and you can get your money on your way out. I can give you one third of it up front. Rations will be given on your departure. Anything else?”
Eric looked at his crew. “Those robots that we have to bring, can we have their remote detonation devices just in case of a rampage?”
Leroy sighed and says “Sure, we will give them to you at your departure”
Eric and his crew went out as soon as they said their goodbyes. “This crew looks capable enough to fulfill this mission” One of the generals says.
Indeed, they will succeed. Good presentation Leroy, you could have fooled me. “The other general says.
“Thank you, but let’s not discuss that topic until they are off to Eden. “Leroy says. “Now are the robots ready? And you, make sure that they get everything they desire for their trip. The better we treat them the faster this will be done with.”
“I’ll see you it right now” one of the generals says and walks out of the room.
“The robots are ready sir. We just need to update the nearest satellite to Eden so we can take control of the robot whenever we want”
“Get to it, I’ll arrange that the satellites won’t destroy them on sight” Leroy and the other general leave the room and go their separate ways.