Orc-name: Tukash

Race: Half-orc

Class: Paladin

Alignment: Lawful Evil






From birth I lived with both my parents. My father is an Orc and my mother is a Human. Before my birth my parents were exiled from my village Ardea and send to the outskirts to live there. It was not natural to have a cross bred child and the villagers thought it a sin.


During my childhood I often had to do shopping for my mother and father in the village. I always had to wear gloves and a mask. In the village I often got a nice welcome by the villagers and the shopkeepers (Olivia) and (Lester) often let me play with their daughter Relie.


I promised to never take off my mask and gloves while in the village. But one day Relie fell into the river and I jumped in to help her (knowing she can’t swim). While I pulled her back up my mask slipped…
When I got out of the water, Lester and two villagers saw what happened and were standing on the side to help Relie out of the water. Lester brought me back to their shop and offered me something to eat and drink and Olivia kept thanking me.


I was quite scared, because I always wear my mask everywhere except at home. My mother told me if I ever did take my mask off, the people in the village would hurt me, laugh at me and they would come to our house and steal all my toys. But what happened was all the opposite. They thanked me (even a couple villagers came in to see me and to give me presents). Olivia and Lester asked me if I could stay for dinner and that if I wanted I could stay the night (because of the wolves and the demon Quasit, though the villagers called it a demon, not a Quasit) preying on children who’d leave home in the night). So I rushed home and asked my parents for permission. They glanced at me, my mother was mad at first, but my father stood there, just stood there and looked at me. Later I understood it was pride. After a good lecture about my mask, I got permission to go back to the village and have dinner at the shopkeepers. But if I got the chance to come back before dusk, I should do that. So I stayed for dinner and it got late, because there was a celebration, a half-orc saved a human, a story that would never feint.


Everything went well for me, I still had to put on the mask before I got to the village, but I was forbidden to wear it in the shop (on Olivia’s orders). The villagers greeted me, the children liked me. All was well, until that day…


I was 14, my father had taught me to wield sword and shield, and the axe (though the great axe was still a bit heavy, I could swing it pretty well, at least that was what I thought). While I was fishing with Relie and two other children at the lake Litzman Ponds we saw four knights in red and black armor heading for Ardea. In my curiosity I runned to them and greeted them (with mask on of course).


“Greetings sir knights” I said. The knights stopped and turned to me.


“Greetings child, did you caught a large fish?” The smallest (S) one said.


“We are quite hungry” The tallest (T) one said.


“Yes we caught some, sir knight, but I didn’t caught them. They did, I’m only here for protection” I said.


“I see, you look like a strong lad, what you want in return for the fish?” T said.


“Nothing sir knight, we were only fishing for fun.” I said and after a slight pause. “Well there is one thing you could do for us”


“Tell me and I will carry out your order, my liege” said the smallest and he kneeled before me.


“u-u-u-hm w-w-ell…” I startled because he kneeled and the knights started laughing and the smallest one stood up again. “There is a demon near our village” and the laughing stopped.


“Did you see the demon?!?” The tall one asked, alarmed.


“No, but children sometime disappear at night, there is someone in the village who had seen it. Ask around in the village.” I said.


The knights looked at each other the tallest unsheathed his great sword. “Remove your mask!”


As a reaction I took my sword and shield and took on my defensive stance.


“Remove your mask or I’ll remove it.” The tallest one said while walking towards me.


I backed up with every step he took, I almost tripped and looked away for only a second. In that moment the knight rushed towards me and attacked me. I hold up my shield but the strength of a knight against the strength of a child is a logical outcome. At impact I felled a pain through my left arm and fell down, crying. The tallest one ordered me again “Remove your mask!” and I dropped my sword and did. They all looked at me with piercing eyes and the tallest one sheathed his sword. “Sorry child, but the demon could be a shapeshifter”. I was still crying and the knights all took off their helmets. One with longest hair walked towards me and touched my arm. A bright light came from his hand. I thought it would hurt but instead of pain I felled a warm feeling rushing through my arm and the pain disappeared. He stood up and threw his helmet to the tallest one. “Idiot! I could have told you that he is not a demon”. “Sorry, let’s hurry to the village, hey kid, we’ll be back later for the fish okay” He gave me a silver piece, petted me on the head, and headed towards the village.


I put my mask (to hide my tears) back on and went back to the others, they didn’t notice a thing and were still fishing. “Look Jaeger, we caught a big one” Relie smiled. Not knowing this was the last time I would see her smile for a long time. We fished for some time and eventually headed back to the Ardea.


Proud of the fish Relie carried the fish (the size of a small dog) she caught. They could see the village now and one of the village came rushing towards them. “Kids, don’t go to the village, hide at Jaeger’s. I will get help from the castle.” And he rushes off.


They all looked at each other. “What could have happened” asked Carl.


“Let’s check!” Ydri said.


“No, we should go to Jaeger’s home!” Relie shouts.


“You go to Jaeger, we are going to the village” and Carl and Ydri run towards the village.


I just stood there and watched. “The nerve of those guys, let’s go to your home Jaeger.” And we walked to my home. When we got there, I saw my father sitting at the gate, all beaten up. “DAD! What happened?!?” my father looked at me and I saw a tear. “Some of the villagers are inside son, go there with Relie and keep your mask on”.


“Who did this to you!?! Dad tell me” I shouted.


“It’s not important son, go inside, please.” My father said.


“NO! Who did this to you, tell me!” I shouted


“Tukash go inside now!” he shouted. I opened the gate and went towards the house. Relie gave her fish to my dad and he thanked her. Relie followed me towards the house. I opened the door and it was crowded, people were crying and others were shouting to each other. “Jaeger, where is Relie! Where is she!?” Olivia asked while shaking me, and the moment I tried to open my mouth she let go off me and run to Relie. I noticed she had been crying and slowly looked for my mother. She was sitting on her chair (looking pissed) and I went to her.


“Mom what’s going on?” I asked


“There are demons, paladins, Reddust Brotherhood and the order of Miska in the village. These are the survivors. We don’t know why they came to Ardea but they murder everyone that’s in the way.” My mother said and then with a raised voice “And I hope these fools don’t lure them here!”


“Oh shut up, we let your son inside the village and treated him well, this is the least you could do for us” one of the villagers replied.


“I never asked you to treat him well, you did that out all by yourself. Now shut up as long as you are in my home!” My mother replied. At that moment someone screamed and all eyes were upon her. “OUTSIDE, THEY ARE COMING HERE” the villager screamed.


I rushed to the window to look, there I saw my father standing on in the gate with his great axe in his hands talking with a cloaked man. He stepped aside and let the man walk towards the house.


“The traitor! I told you, orcs are not to be trusted, and we should have killed him when we had the chance!” a villager said. I looked at him and realized… THEY injured my father!


The cloaked man came closer and a couple of villagers picked up their weapons and rushed to the cloaked man. “Hold your ground peasants! Drop your weapons and let me do my work!” the cloaked man said.


“NO, you killed so many of us already! We will have no more.” One of the villagers said and rushed towards the cloaked man. He hits the cloaked man with a staff, the staff breaks and the villager startles back.


“Listen you fools, there is a demon amongst you. Stop protecting it and let us do our work without protecting it!” the cloaked man said. “Stop resisting, get in line and LET ME DO MY JOB”


Two villager’s dash towards the cloaked man and stabs towards the cloaked man. The moment they dashed toward him, two arrows fly right in the heads of the villager’s before they could even reach the cloaked man. Half of the brave villagers drop their weapons and ran. The cloaked man takes a book and a holy symbol out of his bag and starts reading out of it. A beam of light hits one of the fleeing villagers and he catches flame.


The other fleeing villagers got hit by arrows. The brave villagers that tried to stood tall (with their morale being lower than low) dropped their weapons and the one who hit the cloaked man with his staff says “We surrender”.


The cloaked man put his book and symbol away and demanded the villagers to stand in a line. They followed his commands and one of the villagers went inside to fetch the others. All the villagers obeyed except for my mother, Relie and me. The cloaked man then gave a sign to the two archers at the gate, where my father was sitting again. The archers lit an arrow and shot it towards the village. “Come Jaeger, we are going to hide from this.” My mother said, she looked at Relie and said “you go outside, we don’t want anything to do with you.”


“No! Relie stays with me mother.” I said and took her by the hand.


“Ok, follow me” My mother said.


We followed my mother to the basement and locked it. The basement entrance is well hidden and is not easily found. So we were safe here. I looked for the small window to look outside. All the villagers were standing in a line and a group of three knights in white armor walked up the pathway, two holding their weapons, and started talking with the cloaked man.


“Those are the king’s knights” Relie said.


“The king’s? Cool!” I said.


A few moments later the knight touched every villager one by one until he reached the end of the line. He walked back to the cloaked man and whispered something in his ear. The cloaked man nodded and what happened next made everyone shiver in fear.


“There are three demons amongst you. Demons we know who you are, step forward now and you will be given trial!”  The cloaked man said “Stay in line and we will punish you by death”. No one moved, everyone stayed in line, suddenly two men took a step forward. The two knights with weapons drawn walked to them and bashed their skulls in. The villagers behind them were covered in blood. The villagers stayed in line, they were ALL hoping that the last demon would take a step forward.


“I will count to five, if the last demon has not taken a step forward, you know what” the cloaked man said. “One… two… three… four… fi….” At that moment, three men took a step forward at the same time.


“Well that is weird, we started with three demons, and we killed two. So for three stepping forward…”


“You sure you want to kill all of them, Fiddler?” A similar face, the one who healed me.


“You… what does the Reddust Brotherhood want, come to meddle in our business again?” Fiddler said


“Not this time, but you should leave the innocent alone. Demons that prey on our kin should die but that does not mean that all the villagers have to suffer.”


“Your code is yours Raver, our code is ours”


“Miska and its stupid code, you should not spoil blood if it is not in your best interest. Are these villagers in your way? No. Were those paladins in the way back in the village? Yes. So let us handle this demon and leave the rest of the villagers alone.”


“Ha ha ha, that demon is already dead Raver, we are only punishing this villagers because they killed one of us.”


“Did you kill the one who did it?”


“Yes, and his family. Now we only need to kill his friends.”


“Don’t Fiddler, if you do, we will start a war with the order!” and Raver draws his weapon.


Fiddler equips his book and symbol “you want a fight Raver, you will get a fight.”


“Not here, let’s take this fight outside the yard and on the road. Where we won’t have any innocent bystanders that could get hurt”


“Sure, a golden chance to kill you when you are alone. It’s just perfect” Fiddler whispers in the ear of the knight and walks away with Raver. The moment Raver is out of sight the knights started to slaughter the villagers, after that they walked into the house en searched every spot. In the meantime Relie was crying, she just saw her mother slaughtered, but what she didn’t know is that the knights could hear that. Suddenly one of the knights started to attack the trapdoor.


“Jaeger, go through the window with Relie and flee. Run towards your dad and go to the castle with him.”


“What about you?”


“I will give you time to escape, go quickly”


Relie and I squished through the small window opening and ran towards my dad. The two archers were looking in the direction of Raver and Fiddler so they didn’t notice us. When I was standing by my dad he was looking at me with distant eyes. “Dad, dad, dad. You have to save mom, she is being attacked by the knights.”




“Dad, dad” now shaking is dad “you have to save her”






“Jaeger, your dad… look at his back”


I looked at his back and there was a huge knife on the spot where his heart would be. But there was no blood.


“Jaeger, we have to go. Come with me”


I pulled the knife out my father’s back and the blood started flowing. I ran towards the rangers who were still looking at the fight between Raver and Fiddler. I jumped when I was close to one of the rangers and stabbed the knife right in the neck of the ranger. The moment the ranger fell down to his knees, dead, the other ranger turned to see that I already equipped my sword and I sliced his throat.


I turned and one of the knights was holding Relie. “LET HER GO” I equipped my shield in my left hand and ran towards the knight. The knight hit Relie with the back of his sword, thus leaving her unconscious. The knight equips his sword and shield and got in a defensive stance. I slashed as hard as I could to break his shield but it wouldn’t budge. I kept hitting and hitting until my blade broke. At that moment I dropped my sword and tumbled to the corpse of my dad and picked up his great axe, the knight was still looking at me in his defensive stance. I charged to the knight and hit the shield hard enough to make a little crack in it. I readied my great axe to swing again but at that moment the knight kicked me and I fell under the weight of the great axe. The knight put his sword against my neck and said: “You got two choices, either I kill you both. Or you come with me. Your fighting spirit could be made for good use to us. What do you say, Jaeger”


I took a moment to catch my breath, looked at Relie and slowly said “I will come with you, please don’t kill Relie.” Then the last thing I remember before waking up is the back of his sword.



I woke up in a large bed in a big room next to Relie. There was food and drinks on a table, there was a balcony and my equipment was lying next to the bed. Relie was still asleep, so I stood up and decided to scout a bit. I took my sword and shield, put my mask on, and walked to the balcony. The sun stood high and the view was breathtaking, I looked right upon a huge city with a huge wall protecting it. Then I looked around to look at the building I was in. It was a huge castle and I could nearly see a flag on one of the keeps, a crimson and white flag with a tiger as a symbol. The castle had its own wall and I could see people at the gate asking for permission to enter. I turned around and went back inside. Relie was still sleeping. I went for the door and it opened, I looked in the corridor but it was empty. I could see a lot of closed doors and a stair at the end of the corridor. With weapon drawn I walked toward the stairs and I got there without any hinder. I went down the staircase and there I could see two men talking, the cloaked man and the knight who had hit me, now the knight was wearing a crimson and white armor instead of the king’s armor. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, and if I tried to get closer they would have definitely seen me. So I decided to go back up and search for another way out. I took the first step to go back up… “So you are awake” the voice was so close I froze. I then felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked into the eyes of the cloaked man. “Don’t be afraid masked boy. We wish you and the girl no harm.” I could only look, I didn’t dare move or speak. “Let’s go upstairs to your room. We can discuss everything there.” We walked to the room where Relie was still sleeping. He opened the door and then I came to my senses, I tried to stab him with my sword but the cloaked man parried it with a dagger. He looked at me with a smile and then said “Oh nice try little man, but you have to kill me when I’m too old…