From this day on I will summarize the story about a DnD group consisting with seven players and the Dungeon Master (me, Brian).

The Players; Race and Class; Character name:

Anna: Elf Wizard; Nólëdin

Tim: Elf Wizard; Count Borderline

Ryan: Elf Ranger; Rosa

Thomas; Human Barbarian; Rambo

Bas : Fey Wizard; Zarbon (Unknown)

Bart: Dragonborn fighter; Gilian

Stephen: Human Knight :

Brian (DM) : Human Warlock; Mashrak


As DM I shouldn’t play with them cause I know every outcome in a battle and can influence everything around my character. But that is not why I play with them, most of the players are new to the game and as DM I tried to help them learn by putting a character that I control in the game so they can learn from my actions (it’s weird to talk to yourself though, playing both NPC and player). All the important stuff and gathering information and stuff, that is what my character can’t do, though in some situations my character helps in a bluff or intimidate so the situation becomes a bit easier.

The main group consists to up to four people and me as DM. Tim, Anna, Bart and Stephen are the main group, they join every Friday session. Bas and Thomas rarely plays and Ryan will continue to play with the main group in the beginning of April.

When I talk about the party, I talk about the main party. So now I will tell the story about the party:

Evening, The party is resting in a inn east of the village of Gunneriesville and west of the city Sigid. The partymembers don’t know each other (except for Mashrak and Gilian), and each have their reason for being there. After the innkeeper left to get supplies from Gunneriesville Mashrak decided to kill the waitress, funny enough no one in the inn reacts to what is happening, so after Mashrak kills the waitress everyone just glares at Mashrak and Mashrak loots the waitress. Gilian laughs and drinks his ale. One of the party decided to talk with Mashrak, Count Borderline. They talked about what to do with the body and what if the innkeeper came back. Count Borderline offers to give the body to his god Erythnul. Mashrak doesn’t mind and offers to kill the innkeeper when he comes back and loot his corpse.

(Still no one in the inn seems to mind, while telling this I was really astonished that none of them stopped me, knowing their alignment).

Half an hour later there comes a loud noise from outside.